Asbestos Management Surveys

What is an asbestos management survey?

An asbestos survey is generally referred as a “standard survey”. An Asbestos Management Survey will generally include visual inspections of ceilings, walls, floors, accessible ducts, service risers, lofts etc. We have been trading for over ten years and have decades of experience in the asbestos industry. We feel proud on our excellent asbestos survey service. We respond fast and our rates are extremely competitive. We provide you a survey you can easily understand. We offer reassurance and continued support at all times. We put client safety first.
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Asbestos Management Plans

  • A written plan identifying parts of the premises 
  • Plan of determination of the risk
  • Plans of managing the risk 
During survey, samples of suspect materials will be collected. These samples are taken for subsequent analysis. Every effort will be made to positively identify suspect materials through sampling.

What is involved with an asbestos management survey?

Asbestos management survey includes some intrusive work and may cause some disturbance. The level of this encroachment will differ between sites, and various factors will apply. This survey will not cause major damage to the building or areas. A management survey includes an inspection of all floors, surface levels, suspected ceiling voids, etc. the management survey also includes the collection of any suspect samples, and the analysis of these samples to confirm whether asbestos is present or not. Asbestos management survey covers everyday simple maintenance work. 

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A management survey uses a combination of sampling to confirm asbestos and presuming asbestos are present. The purpose of asbestos management survey is to locate the presence, type and extent of asbestos. It also provides a material hazard assessment which can be used to manage any asbestos containing materials detected. If you want fast and reliable asbestos management survey, no need to go anywhere, just call us in Modbury.


How often should you do Asbestos Management Survey?
The time between evaluations will depend on the kind of material, where it is and its problem, but it should be at least every 6 to twelve months. You will need to check that the arrangements to control the threat set out in your strategy, have been put in place and also are working properly

Who can carry out an asbestos survey?
Who can carry out an asbestos study? According to the guidelines set down by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, anybody who is in charge of a non-domestic building (generally industrial or industrial residential or commercial properties) has a duty to handle the asbestos found because of structure.

Is an asbestos survey a legal requirement?
There is a lawful assumption that any type of non-domestic premises developed before 2000 have asbestos. Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, SI 2012/632, the 'duty holder' has to carry out a 'suitable as well as sufficient evaluation' to establish whether asbestos exists in non-domestic facilities

What does an asbestos survey involve?
An asbestos study is an aesthetic evaluation of a property. A surveyor will securely take small examples of products which are believed to have asbestos

Why do I need an asbestos survey?
An asbestos study is an efficient means to assist you to manage asbestos in your properties by supplying precise info regarding the place, quantity as well as the type of any kind of asbestos-containing products (ACMs). You require figuring out if you are in charge of upkeep as well as are the responsibility holder for the asbestos